Welcome to
Erin's Editing

So you've already got the basics: my name is Erin Lodes and I'm a freelance editor, but we'll go a bit more into detail here.

As someone with a sometimes-annoying-if-you-ask-my-friends tendency to point out grammar errors and typos in real life, I am the combination of bookworm and perfectionist that really was destined to be a book editor.

As a writer myself, I strive to make my editing services tailored to match a writer's needs. Yes, a writer needs the harsh truth, but a few words of praise can do heaps of good as well. I am always brutally honest but try to temper that by pointing out what you as an author have done well!

A little more about me as a person:

I grew up in southwest Michigan and then moved to Ireland for a couple years after I graduated from Aquinas College with a BA in English Lit and a minor in Creative Writing. Now I'm back in the Mitten, planning my next adventure and dreading the snow.

I am the type of person who yells at the books I'm reading and writes in corrections if I find any typos. I suffer from an incurable wanderlust, believe different types of moods call for different types of alcohol and prefer red wine for writing (unless it's in the morning, when I prefer tea).

You can check out my history on Upwork , follow me on Twitter , or just send me an e-mail . I look forward to connecting with you!